Nancee-Laetitia Marin

Writing Samples

Other editing samples

Editing clip 1 (with markups/tracked changes)

Bringing up Furry Baby: Best Ways to Welcome a New Cat

Kelly's Pet Sitting

Beware of Mushroom Poisoning in Pets

Just Around the Corner Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

Three Tips to Help You and Your Pets Stay Safe in the Desert

The Pet Nanny: In-Home Pet Sitting

Marijuana for Pets: The New Trend in Organic Pet Meds

Kings and Queens Pet Sitting

Stereolab: Marxist Theorists with a Groove

An Artful Dogger

Music review clips

Losingtoday 2005

Swing Low, Sweet Notes

The Criterion, La Sierra University 2002

Morella's Forest: Noise with Poise

The Criterion, La Sierra University 2002

photographic studies of three scenes

Musings, La Sierra University 2002

roominations: under the influence of dim stars

Musings, La Sierra University 2000