I brought Nancee on as a freelance proofreader and copy editor in February 2021, and she has quickly made herself an indispensable part of The Writing Company team. She has eagerly tackled the wide variety of content that we send her way and has never missed a deadline, even when handed a rush assignment. Nancee is always looking to expand her editing knowledge and skills, as any good editor should, and doesn’t hesitate to ask questions when necessary. She’s a pleasure to work with and absolutely would be an asset to any project or team.

Judy Marchman, proofreading project manager, The Writing Company

I can highly recommend Nancee as an editor for your book. I have been working with Nancee over the last few months and can honestly say her work is excellent. She is professional, knows her stuff, and very approachable. I am proud to say Nancee is also mentioned as the editor of my latest self-help book. Thank you, Nancee. I couldn’t have done it without you!

Louise Armstrong, international Amazon best-selling author and psychotherapist,

I am so happy that I came across Nancee on my book writing journey. She put me completely at ease. This is my first book. I am dyslexic, so I was really worried about the editing process. Nancee was so kind and supportive. She gave great feedback, was happy to help in any way she could, and was very encouraging. She was able to guide me using her wealth of knowledge and experience, which was invaluable. I look forward to working with Nancee on my next book. Thank you, Nancee, for all your help and support throughout the process.

I would highly recommend [Nancee] to anyone looking for a great editor.

Sarah Edwards-Keeling, international animal healer and communicator,

I love working with Nancee not only because she’s professional and very good at spotting errors, but she also understood my style quickly and that it was important to preserve it. I learn a lot from her comments and way of correcting.

Also, communication is always easy, although we are in different parts of the world.

Andreia Olaru, digital strategist and web designer

I was mainly focused on the research part [of the book] and getting that right. I didn’t even have time to notice how much different book writing is from academic work on every level. This is my first time writing outside of research, and it’s a different universe. I think Nancee did a terrific job of smoothing that over and taught me some things in the process.

Working with Nancee was hands down the best decision I made while publishing my book. She is professional and knows her trade inside and out. I especially loved how she was able to edit my work while still letting my voice come through the writing. She was also flexible and patient when I felt like I was overwhelmed. Nancee was the reason I was able to keep my sanity during launch week. I highly recommend working with her.

Elena Janero, nutritionist

Nancee is a great editor and writer support person—if that’s a thing. My first book was very unorganized, but she was patient and professional without being judgmental. She helped me with drafting and encouraged me along the way.

Although my book could have been longer and better drafted, I ended up publishing my first book. It allowed me to have the confidence to do all the other things I have done. I don’t know if I would have had that anything-is-possible mentality. Maybe it would have taken longer, and I would have missed opportunities, but Nancee was very instrumental in my progress. I am very grateful. She happened to be there when I hit a wall in my life and was trying to transition.

I always wanted to write a good book. Obviously, that’s not one of my stronger points, but Nancee helped me through the insecurity of not being able to accomplish my dream. That opened the door to knowing that I could accomplish so many other dreams.

Sarah Anthony

I sent a book to Nancee for general editing and proofing, and she found so much to correct. I was shocked! Great feedback and advice. It made such a difference! Don’t ever publish a book without showing it to Nancee first.

Gundi Gabrielle, Top 100 Amazon author,

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